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Government’s Powers to Take Over Business?

Does a government have any powers to take over business? Does the US Constitution give the power to a president and his treasury secretary to take over or shut down a business for any reason? Where does a Government get it’s powers from? These questions must be answered now as our sitting president and his treasury secretary both see a need and have a desire for that much power.

Personally I do not trust anybody to take over another man’s property, which is what a business is, without the owners expressed permissions. God gave man the right to own property and never gave anybody the power to take that property without being in violation of the laws to not steal and not covet another’s possessions. Since He never gave a man that power, it follows that He never gave the government, that man had created, the power to confiscate the business or any other property. I make a simple plea and statement that this is one of the worse power grabs in America’s history and must not be allowed to happen.


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