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Gimme Programs

I posted this online originally March 2007.

All too often we have people looking at government as a provider of many things. The general population looks at elections selfishly as in what will this candidate do for me and mine. I am afraid I see this tendency in both major parties and most of the optional candidates and parties. The constitution gave government no power to do what is being done thru taxation and reassigning the wealth immorally gained.

Imagine that I am a lazy bum but clever minded. I see my industrious neighbor with 2 cars and I am the only person in the area with none. I go to the neighbors and convince a majority that an industrious person with 2 cars must share with less fortunate ones with none. This becomes law not because it is right or legal by a governments reasonable powers (the government has none but the individual does have power that he can loan to his agent the government), but because of peoples natural compassion for the needy.

This is an oversimplification of what I see with many of our laws and programs in America. They take from one and re appropriate to another. Gimme programs ensure electability of well entrenched politicians and their parties. They play on this and only blatant error makes the power shift from one party to the other. I think that as long as people are allowing this manipulation for selfish gain, weather thru ignorance or greed, we are destined to not care about the more important functions of government.

These are outlined in the “U.S.Constitution” and probably many other newer ones influenced by this one. That God influenced the founding fathers as they wrote and structured our government and its central documents is obvious from their writings and actions. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, George Wythe and others are most impressive with their connection to God and gospel principles in the workings of government. Falling away from a natural connection to the God of this people makes us less likely to care about the creations and properties of this Godly land.


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