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How Much Worse is it Going to Get?

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I love what I have heard of David Barton and Wall Builders. Deacon, I cannot separate out morality and religion from politics or finance, as it is morality that has collapsed our financial systems and allows politicians to be a major part of that collapse.Government allowed the greed to go unchecked on wall street and even fed the problem with rules to force loans to people who could not pay. Government said AIG could cover all faults and now we are bailing them out every 6 months. When we were young, government said we needed to take God out of schools (1950’s and 60’s) and did so effectively and has replaced God and with Secular Humanism. Children now are taught to worship the creation and disrespect the Creator.

Please do get ready for huge inflation and then a world currency to be offered to solve problems attached to a world court and police that makes the UN look like a pacifist orgainzation and not the perpetrator of genocide all over the world it is. Just remember Croatia, Somalia, Ethiopia and other more recent and distant UN fiascos. We gave up freedom for a promise of security and as Ben Franklin said:

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Let’s not give up more of our Liberties!!! I am sure it will not reestablish the wealthy country our over inflated stock market pretended we were. We may need to tighten our belts, but that is part of why some of us use these beautiful bikes. And certainly do not give up prayer and religion as God was the reason for America’s rise to greatness once and only He can help us rise again.


One comment on “How Much Worse is it Going to Get?

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