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President Obama, Constitutional Lawyer???

I listened to President Obama talk until I fell asleep the other night. I was tired but he was boring. I would have been angry except I was tired and I do admire his ability to give a speech. He really needs to be a better liar to get away with the crimes against America he is perpetrating. He is either a criminal using his office to destroy the United States of America’s economy, money system and Constitution; or he is stupid. As his degree is in Constitutional law I believe he is a criminal set on a course to destroy America as we were designed and rebuild as some pawn of the New World Order and United Nations.

Governor Blogojavich is looking pretty nice compared to President Obama. Oh yes they were buddies and have a little hidden history. I am thinking that the impeached Governor of Illinois will be taken care of so details will not escape. I witnessed the last impeachment of a sitting Governor here in Arizona. There was a panic to get Evan Mecham ousted and it was curious that Evan Mecham who was innocent was not jailed but several who had led the effective ruin of a good mans carreer were jailed soon after for real crimes. Now I do not know what is going on with these two, Obama and Blogojavich but expect it will be interesting if we ever find out.

William Ayers and Obama worked closely together during the 1990s when Obama headed the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) and Ayers co-chaired the CAC’s Collaborative and also was ex officio a member of CAC’s board. Obama served on the CAC board until 2001. Ayers is a founder of the infamous Weather Underground, the organization that set bombs in public buildings such as the U.S. Capitol and the Pentagon and has boasted: “Guilty as hell. Free as a bird.”

More recently Mr Ayers has taken the Communist Manefesto training to heart and used the education system to destroy what his Weathermen bombings could not destroy. With enough social unrest a revolution can take place just as Nikita Khrushchev promised. By infiltrating the schools and journalist a reeducation can destroy long held beliefs and even make good look bad and bad look good.Social Justice training is being taught to children by the Dr. William Ayers

From his post as Professor of Education, William Ayers became a leading advocate of “social justice” teaching, i.e., getting students to believe that they are victims of an unjust, oppressive and racist America. After a few years of this indoctrination, young people are ripe targets for community organizers to mobilize them to vote and carry out “revolution.”

Energy was a topic he touched on that I did get angry at. There is a current need for oil as a part of the energy solution or am I mistaken that we still are the worlds largest consumer of oil. Mr President Obama said he was providing mucho money for solar and wind power. Non was allocated for finding and harvesting our great reserves. I am glad we have so many doing the research to provide Americans with truth because the transparency President Obama promised in his administration is not there, unless he meant the bold faced lying he would do.

Americans do not want to neglect Americas oil reserves to buy foreign oil; nor do we want to replace oil tomorrow with technology only partly developed and not as efficient as oil. Witness this Harris poll the administration are not talking about…

February 25, 2009 Posted at American Solutions website

POLL: Americans Continue to Support Offshore Drilling

Guest post by Steve Everley, Research Assistant at the American Enterprise Institute

Even with relatively low oil prices, the American people still strongly support offshore oil and gas drilling.

A new Harris Interactive poll, conducted February 13 – February 16, 2009, echoes the support Americans voiced before and after November’s elections: America favors offshore drilling for domestic oil and natural gas resources.

The poll found that 61% of Americans support drilling for oil and natural gas resources in the Outer Continental Shelf and the Gulf of Mexico. Only 26% of those polled opposed exploration and development of those resources.

Additionally, 57% would oppose regulations or laws that either delay or block domestic oil and natural gas production. Only 28% would support these regulations.

Specifically regarding Department of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s decision to delay the offshore drilling leasing process, 50% said they would “oppose delaying the offshore oil and gas drilling plan,” while only one-third of the respondents support Salazar’s decision.

Of those polled, 23% were Republicans, 37% were Democrats, and 33% were Independents, indicating that support for offshore drilling remains a tripartisan issue.

I do think we need to unite to save what we can of our economy but I expect that with the solutions offered by current leaders, including the last administrations bail out against capitolism, we are burying ourselves and will not see anything like a free America soon. Integrity is way more important than a credit card of unlimited credit. If a government that promises everything but delivers little is what you want unite behind the current administration and send your donations there. If you still want to be free and responsible for yourself with the possibility to succeed or fail then join a growing group of concerned citizens asking to stop and discuss every plan openly before it is passed into law, and to follow the US Constitution in the application of change.


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