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Something is Wrong if True

“Obama topped a new Harris interactive poll that asked 2,634 Americans who they admire enough to call a hero.”…
“Jesus came in second on a list that includes God, Mahtma Gandhi and George Washington.”…
“At the 16th spot in the poll, George Washington, Bill Clinton and Colin Powell tied.”

If this poll, reported Saturday, 21 Feb 2009, truly represents Americans, there is no question why we are in trouble. The creation is valued above the Creator. The current variant of a king or savior is more popular than the returning Savior, Creator and world leader to be, Jesus Christ. I am skeptical that this truly is a credible measurement of Americans attitudes. We certainly cannot succeed if we do not venerate God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost as the most valuable and important influence to our lives. We owe all to these heavenly beings and Jesus Christ will replace all world leaders during the Millennium.


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