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Personal Revelation

I am one among us who has posted my personal revelations about this very tragic
terrorist attack to America and the World community (there are people from 40
countries missing in WTC). I agree with some postings more than others. Even
with those I mostly dissagree with I see some truth in them. I know it is my
challenge to listen to promptings from the Holy Spirit to me and interpret them
for me. They can only be for me and for my family as I am not a legally chosen
representative for anybody else than me and my family.

God is a leader of order and restraint, whitness borne by Jesus Christ in his
answers to Pontius Pilot and His accusers in Jerusalem. In He who was to be
ressurected was the power to destroy his attackers, who did so unjustly,
illegally and unfairly. Instead He allowed men to seal their fate by usurping
power to kill their good Savior to be. God allowed this to happen as a seal of
evil’s intent to destroy good, through men dedicated to evil.

I submit that my and your ideas are just personal glimpses of the truth as given
for our circle of influence. Please continue to share with this in mind as I do
recieve more INSPIRATION through your views.

I still need to filter these concepts and ideas through my prayers and studies
and music. My few moments with a Grandfathers flute from Hawk Littlejohn was
comforting to me. Medatative and inspirational music is the greatest comfort
and guide to me in this time.

Lenny Henderson

Posted 17 Sept 2001 to flutespirits@yahoogroups.com


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