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US Dollars in Circulation

Glenn Beck’s article on how US Dollars in Circulation are skyrocketing. Glenn has a video that goes into a detailed description of this chart. This is another symptom of a suicidal government that is doing it’s best to destroy America and it’s basic freedoms. I am not a financial wizard and barely make enough for my own needs but I do believe that the Founding Fathers did base our currency on gold and silver as a security against this very thing happening. In fact if criminals were not involved so much in government and finance I would make a fine living. We do still elect who is running things and really do not have to follow who the media guides us to elect. Since most of the media are in bed with the worst of politicians who have silver tongues we are foolish to follow mainstream media be it conservative or liberal.

Both parties have been leading us to financial and moral ruin. The financial and military consequences are severe and scary but only symptoms of the moral bankruptcy America has at the center of these conspiracies. At the conclusion of the Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin was asked,

“What have you Wrought?”

He answered,

“…a Republic if you can keep it.”

There is little integrity in either party. Fortunately there are people like Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs and Rush Limbaugh on national TV and radio. I am also pleased at some of the legislators and their attempts to do right by and for the people they represent. We need more wise and moral representatives in our Republic if we are to keep it. If ever the Constitution was in danger it is now with a President who is ashamed of America’s history and traditions and wants to “remake America”. Beware of a rush to remake America with panic and chaos and an unwillingness to follow the US Constitution.

It is a cheap salesman trick, with plenty of regrets as a result, to rush a buyer into too quick of a decision. That is just what is being done with the panic to a bailout with no time to debate or evaluate what is being bought by taxpayers and for what cost. Freedom is worth more than this, so lets ask our Senators to slow down and read the bailout document, all 700 or so pages, before they vote on it. If we do not slow down and trust in the God of our fathers who helped create this country we will lose freedom and more.


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