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Native American Style Flutes

This is a Native American Style Flute made from Sunflower stalk. The flute was inspired by a Sunflower flute I saw at a Pow Wow in Mesa Arizona made by Jonas Thompson. Tom Mills, AKA PaleoAleo took this photo and posted it at his website Paleo Planet

These are flutes in the Native American Style made from Bamboo, Sunflower and Agave. Some of my flutes were sold and some were traded or given as presents. I like to use natural materials worked and perserved in a pleasing fashion. I try for a soft and bright sound and each one is unique.

Closed End North American Indian Style Flute

This flute is certainly a nice one to make and pleasant to hear. There are no parts to get loose or lost, and can be made strong to be carried as a back packing flute. The flute used for this drawing was made by Shane Gallagher as a trade. It measures 10 7/8 X 1 1/4 inches. The air escapes through the last hole on the bottom which can also be closed to make a soft and low note. Write me with any questions you may have. LennyHarp at yahoo.com


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