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Dean’s Story

Dean has a beautiful story and he is taking advantage of nobody. He is helping many and inspires me to do my best and share. And he has used the bicycle as a transportation tool and a healing aid. That relates to me but his story is way better and more dramatic…

I have been reading about how these foolish little childhood toys change lives emotionally so how about one about how they can change life in a physical sense.

I have had a couple of heart attacks. Ten years ago the doc said to make a will. I did that. Then I went back to work as best i could. Then I started to have some strange symptoms, so I went to see a doctor about them. I knew I had run out of time on a previous patchwork brain surgery so I wasn’t surprised that the brain tumor was again threatening me. That time I was told to get my affairs in order the end was near. So I did it again, then I sat down and waited to die.

Of course as they predicted I got worse. Walking into walls and forgetting things like a much older man. Finally my wife told me to stop driving or she would have the doctor call the police on me. I lose track of cars when I drive. At fifty miles and hour that is frightening. She knew telling me I was going to kill myself only made me happy. So she reminded me that I might wipe out a family in one of those cars I had lost track of.

Then I met a man who said he rode a bike everyday and felt more alive than he had in years. I had gained about 60 lbs while waiting for the end. I didn’t begin with the bike. I began walking. At first I could barely get around the block. Gasping for air from the fat and the heart I expect. But I stayed with it.

As I began to feel a little better I began thinking I should give that bike a try. So I bought a used mountain bike at the salvation army store. Within ten seconds of being on top of it I ran it into the neighbor’s house. It is a good thing that the house was brick. Well good for him, for me it gave me a deep bruise in the shoulder. Also a scraped knee that reminded me of being a kid.

I gave that bike to goodwill and waited while I healed. I decided I needed a bike with different handle bars and that I needed to just ride. So I did, bad balance and all. It took a week before I realized that I liked to ride but my breathing just wasn’t good enough to pedal up hills ect.

So I discovered motor kits. I built one with some serious help from Norman (thanks buddy).
My balance started getting better while I continued to lose weight. I stopped walking into walls and I felt better about myself. My brain reprogrammed itself so that my balance while not perfect is much better than it was before I bought the bike and then the kit.

So the bike and bike kit have improved my life beyond anything I can put into words. yes I feel better about myself so it helped emotionally but it actually helped me physically. Don’t let them tell you that motorized bicycling is cheating. It is not, there is a lot of exercise and good therapy in the motorbike. If nothing else you miss a lot of snacks while working in the shop.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
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