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An Open Letter

Honerable Senator,

There is no one best person for any office and confirming 1st choices for seats like Treasury Secretary who may be genius but lack judgement and character are not even close to a best choice. Timothy Geitner has disqualified himself for this seat by the very lacks in character he has. Nobody is perfect but if we have nobody better than him, who is at the center of Tarp where millions and billions are being misused daily with no benefits to me and other taxpaying citizens, Arizona is deserving of taxation without your representing our needs. Please do not support this very weak and shaky candidate for Treasury Secretary and do not support any more of my money to be given to a deep hole of corruption and self promotion that is the TARP. There is no panick to bury ourselves in ever deeper debt, so please consider these matters carefully.

Lenny Henderson


One comment on “An Open Letter

  1. I am happy to report that Arizona’s Senators did not vote to confirm Mr Geitner but to block his appointment. Too many in Washington DC are of compromised morals to see the danger that they put America in with immoral and incompetent leaders being chosen.

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