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Bush Says Good Bye

Listening to George Bush, 43rd US President, talk today to the press I was glad for some of what was done for America by this outgoing President. I did not wish that it was me being President and I did not envy his situation. He did have a rough deal given with the 9-11 attacks on American soil. He did say he would show the terrorists they could not do to us what they did without reprisal. We did attack, for a while, the people most responsible for the terrorist attacks holed up in Afghanistan caves. We did not close the porous borders of our country that feed more potential terrorists into our economy as what he calls immigrants. They are really illegal aliens when they do not come into our country with proper legal papers and medical clearances. The President is right that history will tell and it is not clear to men what that history really is for now. We do need to make judgements about what was done and what we can do now. I pray that our President elect Obama will pray and ask God for his help in making America great once again. We will have to be a little more humble and teachable to be great once again. We can do it so let’s DO IT.


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