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America’s ONLY Solution

I listened with some anticipation to President Elect Obama’s perceptions of and solutions for the current fiscal catastrophy America is in. He is pretty clear that we have a moral dilema where government, corporate and private America has foolishly and selfishly served themselves with no care of any other citizens needs. When you have a lack of moral judgement allowing many to borrow with no ability to repay, take obsene profits with no concern of the collateral damages or send jobs overseas again for more corporate profits and cheap goods for all to keep up with the Jonses; you have a moral bankrupsy that stems from a lack of Spiritual roots.

If as Barack Obama stated today that overspending and risky financial practices lead to our current recession/depression, I do not agree that government loans to all levels of society and using borrowed and fiat money will solve the problems. I also absolutly disagree that government is the solution. That is akin to keeping a flock of sheep safe with the local pack of wolves. The government has fed the problem and is not cutting their cost of doing business. Other than Congressman Ron Paul I know of no Washington elected official who is not profiteering from their status as men in control of a borrowed purse and gaining a lifetime retirement for a minimum of overpaid service that has built in raises for their cost of relection, er I mean cost of living.

Since the problem is a lack of morals we need to go to where we get our morals for help to return to a moral government and society. God gave the Founding Fathers the answers to our current ails almost wholesale. These men faced the worst and depended on God for inspiration and protection. God certainly has given all of the world the solution to bad morals. Moral bankrupsy requires a change of ways and is called repentance. America needs to publiclly return to God and his Biblical teachings. The change is not attainable without God and I was disappointed with this lack in todays speech. I am sure we will return to Him and it will be public and marvelous when we do.

As a recovering addict I know that addiction withdrawls are painful and not easy or comfortable. My survival as a human is requisite that I do withdraw from some of my addictions and I have used numerous therapies, counselors and programs to effect and continue my recovery and self improvements. Other of my addictions are not so deadly to phisycal health but all addictions are deadly to the spirit and morality. Since God loves us all and especially this American continent He provides repentance to me and I believe America also can repent of it’s collective sins and addictions. Let us all admit none of us are of enough intellect and moral fortitude to correct our national course with out God’s intervention just as the Founding Fathers did. The rewards will be far greater than any of us can imagine and we need a Godly intervention to make this country and this world as it should and will one day be.


One comment on “America’s ONLY Solution

  1. Well said, Lenny!! Wish everyone in America could see things as clearly.Blessings,Stephanie

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