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Government Assisted Drug Running

The United States and Mexico are assisting in drug running by leaving an open border for drugs and slaves to be imported into America the land that was once free. I consider the actions of these countries concerning their porous border that leaks drugs, and human slaves sold into a promise of good paying jobs as a witness of their complicity in supporting the illegal and despicable actions at their common border. If President Bush leaves office without releasing these men, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean from prison he has done worse than a slave trader or drug runner working the border. Allowing these men to be in prison while the man they tried to stop from entering runs free to traffic more drugs is a crime of very serious intent against justice and decency.

Border Patrol Agents Get Coal From President Bush

What does a man convicted of conspiring to export a military aircraft to a foreign nation, a woman convicted of intending to distribute marijuana and man convicted of possessing methamphetamine with intent to distribute have in common?

They all received Christmas gifts in the form of a pardon or commutation from President George W. Bush as the outgoing Commander-in-chief pardoned 19 individuals and commuted one sentence just in time for the holiday season.

While it is not unusual for an outgoing president to use his executive power to pardon certain individuals, what is unusual is that Mr. Bush, despite heavy pressure from conservatives and liberals alike, has failed to include Ignacio Ramos, 37, and Jose Alonso Compean, 28; two border patrol agents who, in the pursuit of a drug smuggling illegal immigrant, landed themselves in a federal penitentiary facing prison sentences each exceeding a decade.

To supporters of the two agents their plight has become the symbol of government indifference, specifically that of the Bush administration, regarding the immigration debate. And the intensity surrounding the issue of the jailed agents has further increased since Mr. Bush pardoned John Allen Aregood a/k/a Johnny (Sonny) Aregood, a man convicted of conspiring to harbor and transport illegal aliens.

I am not terribly surprised that our government supports crime. I watched as Arizona legislature and others broke the laws to get rid of Evan Mecham the Governor who actually was enacting laws to clean up drugs and political crime in our state. This was a case where a man had the audacity to try to do the job he was elected to do and all the powers in the state went after him to stop him.

There were very few who chose to follow the open door meetings and the legislature changed rules to allow a quick impeachment behind closed doors. Since they really wanted to get rid of Mr Mecham they also trumped up charges against him that fell apart in court. They initiated a recall too just to make sure that the Governor would not stay in office. This 3 pronged attack was a sure bet as the media miss quoted him as often as possible to make him appear a buffoon and racist and any other undesirable trait imaginable. Mecham’s criminal trial started on June 2 1988, and he was acquitted on all six felony charges on June 10. A number of his accusors ended up in prison because of their truly criminal behavior but few get caught at that level.

Our citizens are not always to blame for a corrupt government, as the media is used so skillfully by the criminal element in government. Since many people will vote for who they think is good, a bad person or group just needs to convince the majority that good is bad and bad is good. Since these are concepts that need a moral compass as in Scriptures and religious beliefs we are in a weak position to even know what is good. The courts and schools have all my life time tried to eliminate the influence for good of Scriptures and religion in America.

Fortunately there are some who want to learn and listen to God and his counsel and they apply the Scriptures and their Religion to help understand what is really important. We must stop electing criminal minds who will do anything without regard to God’s laws for the power and profit of elected offices. I am afraid that they are in the minority but the ranks will swell as it becomes more obvious that the current status quo in America’s 2 party system is corrupt to the point of criminal. Those, We who hunger for freedom and fairness need to learn to follow God’s law and that is found in the United States Constitution.


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