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American Royalty

We are a nation who seems to desire quick and easy solutions. We are decadent and not seeing clearly what we do. We just elected by a landslide a president with charisma but no solid ideas. He was backed heavily by a corrupt and controlling press. We see him as a man who can climb up thru corruption and not be corrupt. We see him as a savior from our problems in society. We want a royalty as a weak kneed solution to a sinful society taken with living in excess. Repentance and change from our evil ways is a foreign concept but a few powerful, smart and charismatic leaders should get us thru another term. The Bush, Kennedy and other established families fall into this category but so do newer members, Clinton and Obama of this society of self guided misguided American Royalty.

America was founded as a Representative Republic because Democracies had proven a failed system to Rome and others. The Bible was a major inspiration to the Founding Fathers. Colonial America was remarkably set up to be represented similarly to the Israelite nation that Moses set up in family units of 10 with a leader reporting to units of 100 with a leader and then units of 1000. All troubles were best resolved at the local and smallest unit before moving to the next level only if a problem was not adequately solved. Only after trying Rulers law he learned in Egypt, and Jethro his father in law showed Gods law to Moses, did he incorporate this system to the Israelites. This was previously the best example of a representative republic to the world until Samuel was allowed to name Saul as a king to a weak and foolish nation, who clamored and begged for a king like other great nations.

America was founded miraculously with God’s assistance using Angels and many unlikely assistants to defeat a powerful English Army far outnumbering and out powering the colonists ragtag army. This was not unheard of as He often used small numbers of righteous men to out perform superior armies. Gideon and Joshua, are examples from the earlier Israel before kings, with Elisha saving the Kings of Israel much grief and winning battles with God’s wisdom and assistance, thru inspiration received as their Prophet. Since we are a New Jerusalem in America (see Isaiah 2:2) we cannot be who we are destined to be without daily and frequent study of scripture and prayer to God. Miracles are there for a repentant people ready and willing to change what God would tell us to change.

Is the mess we are in too complicated for us to understand? Am I oversimplifying a topic only a royalty of elite and extremely intelligent people can understand? I do not simplify because God never made religion or politics complex. Men have complicated what was given in a simple form with Scriptures and a Constitution all who study and read and pray can understand. A democracy is desired by ungodly leaders because they hope to keep people confused with complexities that are men’s conspiracies. An oligarchy is also desired by the elite who have gained power and do not want to give it up. It is time that we simplify and return to the basics God gave us and depend on his guiding influence with honesty in all we do. The rewards promised are marvelous and the Lord will not allow wickedness to win in this continent of the New Jerusalem.


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