A bully attempt to collect more taxes.

I tried to post a PDF file so you could see I did not make this up. I should not be shocked that the city I live in would threaten me with fines if I do not cooperate with their investigation into my recent purchase of a $1495.00 motorized bicycle, a Whizzer, I got to save money and have some cheap transportation. How dare I go shopping for an inexpensive form of transportation outside of Mesa!! So far I have paid $124.08 in taxes to Phoenix where I bought the bike. I also paid $123.62 in state of Arizona taxes for the privelidge of liscencing and registering this silly bike. Now Mesa wants what they see as their rightful due (1.75%) from me.

Most people don’t bother to register and liscence because it is a bicycle with a motor, but I know the many government agencies are getting desperate to tax, er fne,er raise more funds so they can continue to overspend their huge revenue. Rather than give the police and state a reason to fine me for imagined dangerous activities on my part I decided to register my 33mph bike. I used to race bicycles and could ride a racing bike at 35-40 mph in a sprint, so am not sure why I should worry about this bike and it’s pokey speed. Oh yes I don’t want to get nailed for tickets that would total unknown and arbitrary amounts.

So now I am legal right? Not so fast says the great and in debt city of Mesa Arizona. They want me to prove to them why I did not pay taxes and they will fine me if I don’t do it soon. Maybe I should pay them because they need money so desperately they gave up on civility to try intimidation to get what they desire.

I worked for 7 years as a custodian for a charter school that worked on less money per student than a regular school. Not only did the state give them less per student than similar schools that were public, the director of the school did not take federal money. So he should be failing somewhere, right? Students must be in overcrowded classes? Sub standard teachers must work for less? Building must be lacking attention and repairs? None of this was true.

I worked hard and got paid a more than fair wage. I got help when I needed it and I got a Christmas bonus and a summer bonus. The students were above average in their grades and achievements, with many opportunities to excell. I am convinced that a smaller school district with a more well run operation is what we need to match the performance of the charter schools.

Cities and counties and states do not need more tax money raised by questionable tactics (cameras anyone) that are expensive and require a continuing stream of more cash from citizens. The government does need to serve the people in constitutional ways and scale back on the socialist practices they have adopted over the last 100 years or so. Every city does not need a music center costing 100 million dollars. Mesa has one and I cannot afford most of what is offered there. We cannot continue to borrow money as a country to bail out poorly run businesses. Government needs to get out of areas not outlined in the constitution as areas of responsibility. The Government too can stop bullying and start running in the black if it down sizes and becomes thrifty. If most families & homes need to do that what is different about a government run off of it’s citizens income?

Tax Audit & Collections
CODE 0510
November 10, 2008

Re: City of Mesa Use Tax

The State of Arizona has notified this office that you registered the above vehicle to a City of Mesa address
and tnat you have paid the-5.6-%-State Use Tax.
This letter is to advise you that the City of Mesa also imposes a City Use Tax at the rate of 1.75%. This tax must be paid directly to the City of Mesa as the State does not collect the City Use Tax.
City Use Tax is imposed on items acquired from a retailer for which an equivalent City privilege (sales) tax was not charged at the time of purchase.
Please return this letter to this office with the amount due within 30 days.
If payment is not received within 30 days, interest and penalty calculated back to the date of registration will be due in addition to City Use Tax.
If your purchase invoice shows that you were charged a City Privilege or Sales tax, please send a copy of the invoice to this office with this letter.
If you have any questions, please contact the undersigned at (480) 644-2051.
Mary Thomas
Tax Audit & Collections


2 comments on “A bully attempt to collect more taxes.

  1. YEAH!!! You tell ’em!! Good Post cuzin!

  2. I found the State charged me twice and sent a standard notice to the city of Mesa where I live about the second as if it was all the state collected. This way the state helps the city collect their due. The city of Mesa saw I had paid already, did not demand another payment and told me I should collect from the state. I probably should have but I decided it was not worth the hassle. The state is already running record deficits, so I will leave it with them, as I am sure they spent it several times already. At least I stopped the cost increases on this purchase.

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