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LDS Prophets warn us of the dangers facing America

Here is a video montage that has some of my favorite quotes that relate to some of my recent postings. So I don’t scare off my kids I will make sure to post a happy thought next. Actually it is a happy thought that we have living Prophets the Lord sends to us to warn and help us to be prepared for changes. I am about 2/3 thru reading Mom’s autobiography and I can see that my family has been involved in preparing people for some time to prepare for Jesus return. Emergency preparedness is such an important part of change and trouble that I know my little sister is continuing this work in a secular fashion. And she is able to warn many people to be prepared for trouble and has a plan she can and has shared around the world. My Mom and Dad flew around Brazil and went to remote places to share the Abra Sua Biblia lessons The Church of Christ was involved in there. My brother and I just do our best at being dads and husbands and helpers in our families.


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