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Communism in America

I remember my Mom having some difficulties with the Communist Party of America both in Portland Oregon and in Los Angeles California in the early and mid 1960’s. Because of this and other experiences I was able to keep my eye on the ball of corruption amidst all the deceptions of media and government agents who had an agenda in making good look bad and bad look good. I must admit to being deceived at times, but a firm belief in a Satanic power fighting God and his plan and willing to sacrifice all to destroy man’s hope and happiness has helped me to perceive the ball of corruption when possible. I was very receptive to Cleon Skousens, and Ezra Taft Benson’s writings and warnings about Communism. I see current political chaos and developments as a continuation of these efforts to destroy, though many do gooders are deceived by the evil one, into supporting wrong headed even suicidal solutions.

Quoting from Mom’s unfinished ( in near final editing) autobiography, “Jenny’s Daughter”, is this very perceptive and wise statement.

“I also note that Communism had been tried in the early days of Christianity. In the book of Acts we are told that ‘Every man sold his goods and gave to those in need.’ Annanais and Sapphira succumed to the temptation of easy money. They received and kept some for themselves. They were struck dead by the Holy Spirit, not because they kept some of their own money, but that they lied about it. Not long after that incident the Apostle Paul felt the need to admonish the people, ‘If a man dosen’t work, don’t let him eat.’ They aimed for Utopia on earth. Human nature is such that a Utopia will only work in Heaven and it is Hell for those on earth who are forced to live under leaders who impose it.”


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